CFO turnover
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CFOSP helps clients overcome unexpected CFO turnover

CFO Services | interim cfo | October 21, 2021

Securing new talent that propels the organizations forward

When several clients experienced unexpected turnover on the CFO level, each of them reached out to CFO Strategic Partners for guidance.

Our team of professional CFOs met with the organizations’ key personnel and stakeholders to quickly prioritize their needs and gain awareness of all critical tasks and deadlines. We ensured the accounting and finance team was communicated with throughout the transition. Our team served as the temporary CFO for the organizations and led the search for a qualified, full-time CFO. Along the way, we educated the leadership team on the skills needed for this important position.

Our work was a success! The organizations were able to maintain normal operations throughout the transitional period. We helped secure talented CFOs, who still thrive in their roles today, and the organizations are continuing to succeed.


Organizations experienced CFO turnover, creating a critical gap in the financial leadership. The vacancy has potential to compromise the integrity of the financial systems, cause important deadlines to be missed and lead to a lack of oversight and leadership for the financial teams.


CFOSP listened to each organization and created a plan to meet their unique needs. We ensured all critical tasks and deadlines were met during the interim period and trained the finance team on new processes. All the while, we searched for and vetted a qualified CFO who would be a long-term solution.


Under CFOSP’s leadership, the organizations’ financials remained on track during the transitional period. The new, permanent CFOs still thrive in their roles today and the organizations are succeeding. CFOSP continues to maintain strong relationships with the organizations to support their current and future needs.

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CFO Strategic Partners views times of transition like high-level turnover as an opportunity to reassess the organization’s true needs. This results in a more efficient accounting and finance department. Are you experiencing unexpected turnover? We can help.  Email us at or fill out the request for information form here.

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