Denise Ericson

Office Manager

Denise Ericson has a comprehensive background in Customer Service, Administration and Operations. She received her Bachelor’s degree in English from the State University of New York College at Oneonta, before eventually becoming a Customer Service Manager for Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Washington D.C. Denise is proud to have been part of the team to launch the first HMO offered by BCBS.

Denise continued her customer service management career at Time Warner Communications in Orlando, Florida, where she helped grow a department of 75 Customer Service Representatives into a Call Center of 200+ employees. After leaving Time Warner, Denise worked for a medical supply distributor for the next 15 years. During her tenure with this company, Denise was the Director of Administration and Operations, and assisted in many other departments when needed, including finance, customer service and warehouse.

Denise has a passion for the beauty of the English language, and especially enjoys working on written content projects. She appreciates the value of good customer service, and strives to make each client’s encounter a positive and helpful experience.