Jessica Rochelle CFO Strategic Partners

Jessica Rochelle


Jessica joined the CFO Strategic Partners team in 2015 with over ten years of experience as an accounting professional. Her passion for helping clients achieve their milestones, was a natural fit for CFOSP, and her creative approach to complex issues is an asset. She began her career with James Moore & Co. as an audit and tax accountant, servicing a wide variety of clients including travel and tourism, hospitality, recreation and leisure, and state government. Since that time, Jessica has worked with multiple private equity groups, helping to position the companies for a strategic sale, while navigating the accounting department and management team successfully through the requirements of diligence, post-sale accounting, and the integration or elimination process, within each department.

Jessica’s experience overseeing human resource management, coupled with her passion and knowledge of information technology systems and integrations, has catapulted her career allowing her to lend her expertise to establishing internal controls, developing and implementing critical security initiatives, and ensuring policy and compliance requirements are met.

Jessica has been a licensed Certified Public Accountant in Florida since 2010, receiving her bachelor’s degree in accounting from Barry University. Jessica has a Master of Science in accountancy from Stetson University and enjoys Découpe, writing and traveling in her free time.

“My specialty lies in business process reengineering. I help your team work smarter, more efficiently, and have time to enjoy life by improving business processes and implementing technology to save your business time and money.”