Omar P. Tewari


Omar has almost 20 years of accounting and operations experience with mid-size to large companies in manufacturing and service industries. He has guided several organizations through multi-million dollar mergers & acquisitions and has extensive knowledge of integrating newly acquired business units into the operational structures of acquiring organizations. Utilizing a wide range of financial knowledge and business expertise, Omar has been a leader with global and national organizations. The ability to communicate enthusiastically and effectively with entrepreneurs of various backgrounds, as well as his tax, operations, and accounting knowledge helps Omar to provide the highest level of service.

Omar has been a Certified Public Accountant since May 2001 and has a Bachelor of Science in Accounting Degree with High Honors and a Master of Accounting Degree from the University of Florida. He started his career as a consultant with a Big 5 public accounting firm and has worked as a member of senior leadership teams in the industries of education, resource management, and nutrition.

Omar loves using the knowledge and skills that he has acquired over his career to help grow and expand businesses into new markets, services, and product lines. He enjoys spending time with family, friends, and traveling.

“Time is the most valuable resource, and I choose to spend mine investing in others.” – Omar