Shannon Carbone

Founder & Chief Executive Officer


Shannon has a passion for the firm’s mission statement, To Enrich Lives.  It was embedded in her values and vision when she founded CFO Strategic Partners in 1999, and today is at the core of every major decision she and her team make within the firm.  Shannon now brings her expertise, creative strengths, and strategic talents to the firm, serving as its CEO.  She ensures that the growth of the company and its constant evolution are focused on helping owners of middle-market sized companies achieve their dreams and giving her team the opportunity to be the very best they can be.

Shannon’s background includes working with KPMG Peat Warwick in their audit team and several years in the banking realm, including commercial lending with United Heritage Bank and Colonial Bank.

Shannon is recognized by various CEO organizations as a featured speaker and has conducted educational seminars for hundreds of CEOs focusing on giving them the tools they need to run their business.  Her presentation entitled “CFO Tools for the CEO, Stop Blind-Casting and Start Sight-Fishing” has received high ratings from numerous CEO groups.  In addition to this topic, she has conducted seminars and educational sessions on topics including banking, cash flow, and financial analysis.  She has served on dozens of panels as an expert on topics ranging from entrepreneurship, women in the workplace, emerging companies, and financial strategies; however, she is most proud of her firm receiving an award for one of Orlando’s Best Places to Work ( 2016 & 2017)

“I have a passion for helping the business owner achieve his or her vision for the organization and being a part of making their dreams come true,” Shannon says.  “I feel blessed to be surrounded by an incredible team and to have the opportunity to do what I love every day.”   -Shannon