Navigating Success

Who We Serve

When it comes to navigating your organization through choppy financial waters to reach your goals, we believe that many CFOs are better than one. Our collaborative approach provides a platform for sharing best practices, economic trends and for bringing today’s biggest ideas together to benefit our clients. From industry specific issues, software selection, risk management, capital strategies and more, we leverage the expertise of our entire team to ensure your success.

Who We Serve

CFO Strategic Partners serves middle market companies and non-profits that want to optimize their performance, improve their financial visibility and maximize corporate wealth. We deliver financial reports with integrity and reliability, operating with documented and efficient internal systems and controls. We also serve as a “thought-partner” for strategic issues, adding greater benefits and value to our partnership.

Industries We Partner With:

Hospitals, private offices and physicians groups all need to have close tabs on their finance functions. Whether you are involved in the commercial level of healthcare or government-managed healthcare programs, such as Medicare and Medicaid, it’s critical to have a financial adviser who understands the nuances of the industry.

CFO Strategic Partners possesses valuable experience in the healthcare industry, after working with over 25 healthcare organizations. Included in the firm’s expertise are the following services:

• Collections
• Insurance contracts
• Billing procedures
• Invoicing
• Cash flow management
• Expansion/Ownership
• Investing strategies

Partner with CFO Strategic Partners for the reliable financial management of your healthcare organization.

We assist companies in this industry through all stages whether it is in the initial capital stage or at the exit and possible merger or acquisition, it is imperative to have strong financial guidance. CFO Strategic Partners can bring the financial knowledge and wisdom your technology firm needs to succeed.

CFO Strategic Partners has worked with hundreds of technology corporations. Included in the firm’s experience are the following services:

• Investors
• Cash flow management
• Deal with capital
• Contracts

CFO Strategic Partners will bring the expertise in finance your technology corporation needs for success.

Financially, the most important thing for nonprofits is having the means to make a difference in their chosen field. CFO Strategic Partners understands the financial restrictions and requirements regarding nonprofits.

We have worked with the country's effective nonprofit organizations to lower costs and successfully manage cash flow. Included in the firm’s experience are the following services:

• Cash flow management
• Financial reporting
• Buying/Capital campaigns
• Reviewing and working with your CPA on your 990s
• Grants/grant fulfillment
• Assisting with audits
• Requirements for staying nonprofit

Bring CFO Strategic Partners on board to guarantee financial success of your nonprofit organization.

With a unique set of challenges, CEOs in this industry require specific visibility into their company’s financial landscape. Whether budget models to help bid a large RFP to tracking Key Performance Indicators to improve project profitability, our experience in this industry is significant.

After the downturn in 2008, the pent-up demand in the market has resulted in significant growth and expansion efforts for our construction clients. Better financial reporting, understanding work-in-progress schedules, job costing, budgeting and maintaining a healthy cash flow is paramount. Tax implications of real estate ownership, sole ownership, partnerships, joint ventures and real estate investment trusts (REITs), as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each require strategic consideration. Our real estate and construction CFOs are tenured experts in their field and have navigated the industry’s most complex challenges.

From large law firms to smaller independent law offices, there are important financial policies and procedures that must be closely monitored and managed for success. CFO Strategic Partners knows how to bring financial order and productivity to your legal business.

We have had experience with numerous different legal firms. Included in the firm’s expertise are the following services:

• Invoicing
• Taxes
• Expansion modeling & Execution
• Billing
• Cash flow management
• Loans

Use CFO Strategic Partners to increase productivity and bring financial success to your law firm or legal offices.

There is accounting...and there is government contract accounting. Our government contractors are subject to a wide range of additional rules and regulations, from DCAA Audits to bidding on highly competitive LPTAs RFPs. Specific accounting principles and standards are required to monitor, negotiate, bid, and comply with contracts. Navigating these challenges with the federal government can be complex. And unless a proper accounting system is in place, then a contractor can be faced with enormous hurdles, not to mention lost contracts.

Distribution companies are complex in their structure and their financial matters. After all, you’re working with a significant amount of inventory that must be packaged, paid for and delivered with precision in order for the company to succeed. CFO Strategic Partners understands how to manage the inventory costing and pricing in the distribution industry.

We have an extensive knowledge of the distribution industry, after working with over 50 distributors. Included in the firm’s expertise are the following:

• Efficiency audits
• Fleet management procedures
• Cash flow management
• Inventory management procedures
• Software installation
• Expansion financing
• Payable and invoice controls

Let CFO Strategic Partners guide your distribution firm to a steady and successful financial path.

The manufacturing industry must have a firm understanding of current manufacturing software, particularly regarding finance. CFO Strategic Partners has the ability to identify continuous change actions to reduce cost, enhance quality and increase margins.

After servicing nearly 30 manufacturing clients, CFO Strategic Partners has developed the key to financial success for the industry. Included in the firm’s expertise are the following services:

• Software
• Inventory systems
• Efficiencies
• Utilization of factory workers
• LEAN manufacturing
• Raw materials
• Pricing
• Purchase negotiation

Allow CFO Strategic Partners to bring the efficiency and management guaranteed to bring your manufacturing company financial success.

Hotels, restaurants, and entertainment venues all need significant financial assistance to foster growth and increase profit. The industry can be highly seasonal, creating a need for specific planning in cash flow and employee counts to make a business successful.

CFO Strategic Partners has worked with dozens of hospitality companies, each time putting them on a path to financial success in an industry where profit margins are traditionally low. Included in the expertise of CFO Strategic Partners are the following services:

• Cash flow management
• Headcount strategies
• Equipment financing assistance
• Construction lending
• Debt-to-income ratio planning
• Planning for beverage, resort, and other industry specific taxes
• Payables management

Let CFO Strategic Partners guide your hotel, restaurant or entertainment venue firm to a steady and successful financial path.

There are not many industries as lucrative and financially complex as the insurance industry. CFO Strategic Partners has the valuable resources and strong knowledge of insurance finance you need for successful operation.

In the past 20 years, CFO Strategic Partners has worked with over 40 insurance agencies. Included in the firm’s expertise are the following:

• Billing/invoicing
• Commission
• Financial software
• Incentive plans
• Cash flow management

Let CFO Strategic Partners bring your insurance agency financial stability and success.

In any professional services industry, the largest financial concern is employee management. CFO Strategic Partners understands that labor is your biggest cost and works with you to manage and oversee those expenses.

After working with thousands of various professional clients, CFO Strategic Partners is well equipped with the knowledge to maximize your profit and minimize your costs. Included in the firm’s experience are the following services:

• Head count utilization and management
• Margins analysis
• Billing rate multiples
• Employee benefits
• Payroll, accounting, & management
• Cash flow management
• Invoicing policies & procedures

CFO Strategic Partners is dedicated to bringing success to your professional business.