Not only on demand, but on command. An outsourced CFO provides the knowledge and expertise of an entire team of CFOs, as opposed to only one, which generates unlimited creative strategies and ideas on issues important to your growing organization. With an outsourced CFO, you have one dedicated CFO, who knows your organization intimately and is also supported by a group of highly seasoned CFOs. This expertise coupled with CFOSP’s perfected internal processes and engagement systems ensure that each client receives not only the highest level of value, but also a customized experience tailored to a unique organization, while helping to guide the challenges standing in the way of the organization’s long-term vision. As an outsourced CFO, we can provide the highest level of confidentiality and strategically align the owner’s objective free from conflict that an employee relationship might inherently create.

Finally, outsourcing models have a reduced risk exposure. From internal controls and fraud risk to employee retention and relations risk, this modern arrangement also provides the utmost flexibility, allowing us to scale as needed.

Our partnership will cost less and provide much more of the tailored solutions mid-market businesses need.

  • Middle market businesses and nonprofits can now access high-level strategic direction and sophisticated financial analysis traditionally available only to larger companies.
  • We protect and grow our clients’ bottom lines. Budgets, forecasts, cash flow modeling, analytics, KPIs, dashboards, and business valuation metrics are only a few of the tools we provide and analyze to measure and track performance on pre-established strategic initiatives.
  • We provide 3rd party, objective oversight; another set of eyes. We have the CEO’s best interest in mind.

  • We provide sleep insurance for our owners and clients. What keeps you up at night? Tackling the heavy issues is where we shine.
  • No one likes surprises in business. Without accurate and timely financials, the CEO is navigating the organization blindly. Your CFO team provides night vision goggles: the insight and leadership to ensure owners see what may be coming.
  • Every CEO needs a high level financial dashboard to facilitate data-driven decisions and ensure confidence in the organization’s numbers.

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Whether providing strategic financial vision and expertise to help our clients realize their dreams, or fostering a corporate culture that honors the personal lives of our employees, our goal remains the same: TO ENRICH LIVES