Many small to medium-size businesses (SMBs) are challenged by the need for senior level financial leadership and strategy and the cost of acquiring that talent on a full time basis. CFO Strategic Partners (CFOSP) delivers the expertise needed to fill a significant gap that exists in many mid-sized organizations, preventing them from achieving their next level of success. In order to reach their goals, these companies require talented financial leadership on a less than full time or temporary basis. Above all, our services are based on delivery of our value proposition for our clients whether it is filling a full-time CFO position on a fractional basis or managing projects on demand for shorter periods of time. We will endeavor to present the best solutions to you based on our experience of 20+ years of servicing our clients in this way.

Our team of dedicated, outsourced CFOs are available on demand to provide important fiscal leadership and strategic financial management to small and mid-sized companies from coast to coast. Our CFOs bring the collective knowledge and processes of our firm’s many years in business with the collaborative resources of our entire team to every level of our CFO staffing solutions. This unique arrangement not only provides added value and expertise, it also provides the utmost flexibility, allowing your organization to scale up or down as needed. Whether in person or remotely, our CFOs provide the leading edge acumen and financial expertise needed to ensure your company is on a path to success.

We have been providing financial and accounting staffing solutions to our clients for more than 20 years. As our CFOs will know your organization intimately, we adhere to the highest level of confidentiality. They bring with them CFOSP’s perfected internal processes and engagement systems to ensure that you will receive a customized experience tailored to your unique organization. At the same time, our on demand CFOs will help guide your company through challenges inhibiting your organization’s long term vision. Your outsourced CFO’s objectives will strategically align with your own, free from the challenges an employee relationship might inherently create. In addition, outsourcing models have been shown to have reduced risk exposure from issues such as internal controls and fraud as well as employee retention and relations risk.

Our partnership will cost less and provide much more of the tailored solutions mid-market businesses need.

  • Middle market businesses and nonprofits can access high-level strategic direction and sophisticated financial analysis traditionally available only to larger companies.
  • We protect and grow our clients’ bottom lines. Budgets, forecasts, cash flow modeling, analytics, KPIs, dashboards, and business valuation metrics are only a few of the tools we provide and analyze to measure and track performance on pre-established strategic initiatives.
  • We provide 3rd party, objective oversight; another set of eyes. We have the CEO’s best interest in mind.

  • We are scalable in the sense that our clients’ needs for senior financial leadership can ebb and flow with the demands of business opportunities and challenges. When it is evident that the business has reached a point where a full time CFO is warranted we assist in identifying the skillset required and in many cases recruit for that permanent placement.
  • Without accurate and timely financials, the CEO is navigating the organization blindly. A highly experienced part time CFO provides the insight and leadership to ensure owners see what may be coming and plan for it accordingly.
  • Every CEO needs a high level financial dashboard to facilitate data-driven decisions and ensure confidence in the organization’s performance.

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Whether providing strategic financial vision and expertise to help our clients realize their dreams, or fostering a corporate culture that honors the personal lives of our employees, our goal remains the same: TO ENRICH LIVES