Why Work at CFOSP

Unique Company Culture – “To Enrich Lives”

Our Mission Statement: Whether providing strategic financial vision and expertise to help our clients realize their dreams, or fostering a corporate culture that honors the personal lives of our employees, our goal remains the same: TO ENRICH LIVES

At the core of our company culture, we value our employees and their lives. Our strong emphasis on having a work and life balance is what makes CFOSP unique.We know talented individuals have many opportunities to choose from and each individual is on their own path to success. We support our employees in obtaining both a challenging career and in fully living the life they have always imagined…whether that means more time for fishing, spending a month in the mountains, or being their child’s basketball coach!

CFOSP values collaboration with our employees. We nurture our CFOs and staff to grow in their careers, challenge themselves, and leverage our strong team. We collaborate daily, weekly, and monthly to help each employee succeed and reach their aspirations!

Join our Team

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“Our company culture is fresh, family-oriented and inspiring.”
“What makes CFOSP unique is that we use our minds to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.”
“We value the flexibility to make our own schedule and keep a balanced life.”
“CFOSP is diverse, current and collaborative.”
“CFOSP’s mission is to enrich lives for our clients and internally.”
“CFOSP embraces our broad diverse backgrounds and talents. They know they aren’t just getting my experience but 15 others as well.”