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If you’re an experienced financial professional who’s interested in managing a variety of clients and projects, but enjoys a balanced schedule, CFO Strategic Partners could be the perfect fit for you.

CFO Strategic Partners is competitive with compensation and benefits to ensure we secure and retain top talent. We value a work-life balance while offering a full benefit package with options such as PTO, medical insurance, employee development, 401(k) plan with match, incentive compensation plans and more.

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Become a part of a dynamic work environment with an outstanding group of professionals at CFO Strategic Partners. View our job openings and apply today!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: To Enrich Lives. Our work with clients goes beyond simply managing the numbers. For our clients, the results we help achieve enrich the lives of the owners, executive teams, employees and their families, vendors, customers and the whole community. We take this responsibility seriously. It fuels the dedication and commitment we have to our clients. 

At the core of our company, we value our employees and their lives. Our culture of promoting a work-life balance is what makes CFO Strategic Partners unique. We know talented individuals have many opportunities to choose from and everyone is on their own path to success. We support our employees in obtaining both a challenging career and in fully living the life they have always imagined… whether that means more time for fishing, spending a month in the mountains or being their child’s basketball coach!

Our culture

Our culture of collaboration is critical to our firm’s success. While our team is comprised  of intelligent, experienced financial experts, we believe in collaborating together to offer the most creative and customized solutions to our clients. Our culture of constant learning ensures our internal training tools and opportunities are vast. We nurture our CFOs and staff to grow in their careers, challenge themselves and leverage our strong team. We work together daily, weekly and monthly to help each employee succeed and reach their aspirations! We understand our collective group can make a larger impact and drive better results than any one individual.

Testimonials from our team

  • “Our company culture is fresh, family-oriented and inspiring.”
  • “What makes CFOSP unique is that we use our minds to find innovative solutions to complex challenges.”
  • “We value the flexibility to make our own schedule and keep a balanced life.”
  • “CFOSP embraces our broad diverse backgrounds and talents. They know they aren’t just getting my experience. I have the collective knowledge of my whole team behind me.”

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