Why choose CFO Strategic Partners?

Experience. CFO Strategic Partners was founded in August 1999 to provide outsourced CFO services to small- and medium-sized businesses and nonprofit entities. Unlike some firms that try to do outsourced CFO services on the side or during non-busy times of the year, this is exclusively what we do and we have excelled in this business for over 20 years.

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Team Approach:  CFO Strategic Partners is very selective about who we invite to join our team. Our finely tuned recruiting process helps us identify those with the qualification, personality, and depth of experience to succeed in this role. Our team of CFOs are employees of our firm and their career with our firm is their only current employment.  This ensures our clients receive the priority they deserve.  

Collaborative Approach:  Why hire just one person when you can tap into the knowledge and expertise of our entire team of CFOs and experience from other clients with similar issues.  

Scalable Solution:  Our solutions are scalable and flexible and our clients pay only for what they truly need.

Who we serve

We’re proud to serve middle-market companies and nonprofits that want to optimize their processes, enhance performance, gain financial visibility into what drives results and maximize corporate wealth. We analyze financial performance and provide you with meaningful reports, dashboards and tools so you can interpret results and make better decisions.  Long term, we  serve as a “thought-partner” for strategic issues and help you achieve your vision for the future or exit strategies.

Industries we work with include:

  • Aerospace/Defense
  • Agribusiness and Agritourism
  • Architectural and Engineering Services
  • Automobile dealership
  • Construction
  • Construction Related Services
  • Distilleries & Craft Breweries
  • Distribution
  • Education:  Private Education and Colleges/Higher Education
  • Food: Products/Sustainable seafood/manufacturing/production 
  • Government contracting 
  • Government Entities & Municipalities
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance 
  • Investment Banking
  • Law Firms/Law Services
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit Entities
  • Performing Arts and Artists
  • Personnel/Staffing Services
  • Private Equity
  • Professional Services
  • Real Estate and Development 
  • Restaurant
  • Retail
  • School Districts
  • Software/SaaS
  • Technology
  • Therapy Services
  • Training/Development
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Wholesale

Our mission and vision

Our mission is simple: To Enrich Lives. Our work with clients goes beyond simply managing the numbers. For our clients, the results we help achieve enrich the lives of the owners, executive teams, employees and their families, vendors, customers and the whole community. We take this responsibility seriously. It fuels the dedication and commitment we have to our clients.

We thrive on diversity

At CFO Strategic Partners, we celebrate diversity. We endeavor to be inclusive and diverse in relationships with our team, clients, vendors and the communities we serve. We always strive to foster an environment where the unique talents of each person are honored.

We believe diversity within our team, whether from employees, consultants, clients or vendors, enhances our ability to provide a high-level of service and enrich lives.

Meet the Team

We’re selective about those we invite to become part of our CFO team. Our team members must be, not only qualified and experienced, but also have the personality and communication skills needed to serve clients strategically and deliver results. In addition, our firm’s internal processes and culture of collaboration helps ensure our clients receive the collective expertise of our entire team.

Shannon Carbone

CEO and Board Chair

Nicholas Carbone

Vice Chair

Meghan Dalton

Vice President of Client Relations, CFO

Jeannine Rohrbach

Vice President of Internal Operations, CFO

Alejandra Krauser CFO Strategic Partners

Alejandra Krauser


Cheryle Frye


Dean Painter CFO Strategic Partners

Dean Painter


Kevin Lowdermilk


Kirsten Dodson


Laurie Elliott


Mari Hutchinson CFO Strategic Partners

Mari Hutchinson


Megan Samuel-Fields CFO Strategic Partners

Megan Samuel-Fields


Tonja Pektas


Jennifer Kovacs


Sharon Rupp

Sharon Rupp


Wendy Woods Gordon CFO Strategic Partners

Wendy Woods-Gordon


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