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CFO Strategic Partners serves middle-market companies and nonprofits who want to optimize their processes, enhance performance, gain financial visibility into what drives results and maximize corporate wealth. We analyze financial performance and provide you with meaningful reports, dashboards and tools so you can make better decisions. Long term, we serve as a “thought-partner” for strategic issues and help you achieve your vision for the future. 

20+ years of experience
$1.4+ billion served by our team of CFOs
2500+ satisfied clients

What our professional, outsourced CFOs bring to the table:

  • Deep expertise

    Since our inception in 1999, our team has served over 2,500 satisfied clients representing more than 50 industries. Our team of experienced CFOs aren’t independent contractors, but are all employed by our firm and have a vested interest in the success of all our clients.

  • Customized service

    Whether you need temporary / short term / interim CFO support or long term / on-demand CFO support, we provide customized solutions to meet your needs.  Our proven internal processes and our years of experience ensure we focus on solutions to achieve your goals and meet your organization’s needs.

  • Better outcomes

    Our mission is simple: To Enrich Lives. Our work with clients goes beyond simply managing the numbers. For our clients, the results help them achieve and enrich the lives of the owners, executive teams, employees and their families, vendors, customers and the community. We take this responsibility seriously. It fuels our dedication and commitment to our clients. 

CFO services for growing businesses and nonprofits

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    Strategic financial consulting
  • https://www.cfosp.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/rings-services.png Icon
    Financial reporting and analysis
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    Budgeting and forecasting
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    Financial systems and integration
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    Optimizing accounting departments
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    Business value analysis
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    Interim CFO services
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    Mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and succession planning
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Why hire an outsourced CFO?

Organizations, at some point in their cycle, benefit from senior-level financial leadership and a strategic partner. However, hiring one qualified person full-time for this position can be cost prohibitive or just very difficult in the current job market.  CFO Strategic Partners’ outsourced CFO services were created to fill this gap that exists in organizations. Our firm’s approach, along with our team of on-demand CFOs, can help you achieve your goals.  Why hire just one person when you can access the depth of our firm’s extensive knowledge and years of experience gained by servicing other clients in similar situations. We tailor our services to meet your needs, which means you only pay for what you truly need. 

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Testimonials from our clients

  • CEO, Aerospace
    “Top shelf in responsiveness, professionalism, and spot-on in fulfilling the critical fractional CFO need enabling more effective, efficient operations while enabling continued company success and growth to the next level.”
  • CEO, Manufacturing and retail company
    “We have been working with CFOSP now for quite a few years. It has been a great partnership. Our dedicated CFO is very vested in helping us understand the financial aspect of the business. Having her expertise has allowed us to make confident decisions with regard to expansion and product development. It’s worth the investment to work with a company like CFOSP to help us understand budgets, profit and loss, the bottom line and how to reach our financial goals.”
  • CEO, Nonprofit
    “The assistance they provided with a critical system implementation helped us get the project over the finish line. The resource we worked with went above and beyond to help get things done. I would certainly consider using CFO Strategic Partners again for future needs!”

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