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6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CFO

Financial Consultant | Financial Consulting | Financial Consulting Firms | July 3, 2013

If you’re a CEO or business owner, there will likely come a point in your career where a chief financial officer will be beneficial in planning and managing the finances of your business. One of the biggest reasons why businesses fail is because they end up running out of cash. Though you might not need a full-time CFO, a financial consultant can offer you the experience and knowledge you need to make a difference in your company, while keeping your business above water.

  1. A CFO’s purpose is to design a strategy that ensures the financial security of your business. Every dollar you save supports your company, so it can be extremely beneficial to have a knowledgeable professional that focuses on cost issues. A financial consultant focuses on the importance of proactive planning, such as staffing, purchasing decisions and strategic partnering.
  2. The experience a CFO can provide helps determine the future of your financial success. If a business is unprepared, it could be just as devastated by a great opportunity as it can be by a disastrous one.  An experienced CFO is more than just a money counter, and with their experience, businesses can receive great insight into their future.
  3. Having the expertise of a CFO on your side greatly benefits your business because it gives you credibility among customers, clients and investors. Your clientele will be reassured that they won’t be losing out on money if the business fails, and gives them much more confidence in working with you.
  4. As a business owner, you need to focus on your strengths, and at times, that may not be financial management.  If you think you’re having trouble managing both, it might be time to hire a CFO to help you come up with a strategic plan to help you generate profit.
  5. Nearly every decision a company makes has financial implications, and when you don’t have anyone keeping a close eye on your finances, you could be in trouble. Having a CFO helps you grow, manage, and make the right decisions for the business.
  6. CFOs take the time to understand your business model and builds relationships with banks, tax planners, auditors, and more, to make sure your finances are managed properly and your risks are minimized.

Don’t let the finances of your business be your largest concern. Ensure that you are properly managing your finances so that you can focus on the details of improving your business and strategic growth opportunities.  With a CFO, you can have a partner that offers you sound professional advice, and that discusses the plans, strategies and visions of your business. Call CFO Strategic Partners today at 407-426-8288 to learn more about the goals you can achieve with an Orlando financial consultant.

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