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Are businesses closing for Hurricane Irma? Friday no, Monday YES!

Business | September 7, 2017

Many Central Florida CEO’s are asking the question: Do I close the office for the Hurricane Irma?

We polled our clients to see what they had to say, and the results are in…

Most companies are not closing on Friday, but are remaining “flexible and supportive” for employees who need to be absent for storm preparation. In other words, employees who are absent will need to take personal time off or unpaid leave on Friday.

In addition, various industries are demonstrating different trends. Construction, as an example, is leaning toward NOT closing their offices either Friday or Monday, at this point. Professional services are trending toward closing on Monday, and many of them are closing early on Friday.  The majority of nonprofits are still undecided and others have announced closures for Monday.  Retail/Restaurants are trending toward staying open as long as possible and are still undecided, except for locations that are in South Florida or a coastal area where closures have already been announced.

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Shannon Carbone, CEO of CFO Strategic Partners

Shannon Carbone is the Founder and CEO of CFO Strategic Partners, a financial consulting firm headquartered in Central Florida offering CFO on demand, outsourced CFO, virtual CFO, and comprehensive accounting services for clients with either short-term or long term needs since 1999.


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