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Are Non-Tech CEO’s Blind?

Uncategorized | June 5, 2015

It has been said that Non-Tech CEO’s are blind in today’s business landscape. CEOs who work to stay in front of new technological advances, on the other hand, have an edge in guiding their companies to success in a digital world. Not only to enhance efficiencies and productivity but to stay vigilant in protecting the company’s assets. Exposures due to technology have emerged as a preeminent risk management issue for both the private and government sectors, in the US and globally. The frequency and severity of data breaches and outages have continued to increase in this environment, creating greatly increased focus on the responsibility, liability, and costs of such events.

These events can have devastating consequences for a business, especially a small one. They can bring significant damage to a company’s reputational brand and cause a loss of customers, above and beyond the potential financial penalties. Safeguarding against cyber crime and protecting sensitive data from theft and loss are serious challenges.

In today’s digital environment, organizational leaders must be prudent in their practices and educate themselves on the vulnerabilities, within their operations. Our team educates our clients and partners to implement better processes and tools to navigate cyber risks.   By developing a strategy to protect the infrastructure on multiple levels, companies can minimize threats and criminal access.  Protect your financial data by having a backup plan for business interruption. Knowing what data you have in your inventory, where it exists, and where the accesses lie is key to your cyber security plan.

Understanding technology and the related threats is top of mind for growing businesses. Successful business leaders who work to understand these developments will have a clearer vision as businesses continue to evolve and rely on technology. Technology impacts all aspects of business, from decision-making and resource allocation to finance and human capital. Tech-savvy leaders will help their companies hire smarter, pivot faster, and grow more strategically.

At CFO Strategic Partners, we work hard to protect our client’s from internal and external threats. Our CFO’s are the country’s top talent, from diverse backgrounds including data analytics, risk management, technology, cybersecurity, and business process reengineering.

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