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Enriching Lives Through Giving

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Left to right: Eddy Simon, Rachel Loya, Andrea Churchill, Carrie Mistina

When CFO Strategic Partners formed 19-years ago, Shannon Carbone set out to enrich lives. Her mission has since expanded beyond the office walls.

“It’s important to us to find ways to give back to the community where we live and work,” says Andrea Churchill, administrative assistant.

It’s a short walk down Alden Road from CFO to Ronald McDonald House at Florida Hospital. It’s a walk the CFOs are proud to take.

“I enjoy being able to provide for people during such a vulnerable time for their family,” says Carrie Mistina, director at CFO Strategic Partners. “They have a young child who can’t be home because he or she is very sick.”

On the morning of November 16, 2017, Churchill unpacked groceries and started moving through the Ronald McDonald House kitchen as it was her own. The families staying there would be treated to one of her family’s favorite recipes, chicken pot pie.

And the menu didn’t stop with just the main course. When the CFO team committed to cooking lunch that also meant a side and dessert.

Carrie was in charge of the side – a salad. Her bag of groceries could stand up against any commercial salad bar – 4 different dressings, croutons, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, cheese and sunflower seeds.

One of the newest CFO’s is Rachel Loya. She went right to the sink to begin prepping the apples for dessert.

It didn’t take long for the aromas of the kitchen to fill the rest of the house, just like at Grandmas on Thanksgiving morning. “Thanksgiving is a time to count our blessings,” explains Loya.

End of Year Help

CFO Strategic Partners is thankful for all our business partners. We hope everyone experiences safe travels and enjoys this holiday season. If your business needs some end of year help, CFO Strategic Partners can step in and get you into 2018 with a strong start.

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