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Nonprofit organizations can maximize impact throughout the year with strong financial leadership from CFO Strategic Partners

Business | Financial Consultant | Non Profit | January 14, 2020

As a new year begins, charities and nonprofit organizations look for the most effective way to utilize and stretch vital funds received from generous supporters during the holiday season.  In addition to maximizing the effectiveness of the donations already received, it is critical that the proper steps are followed to ensure additional funding is consistently and aggressively pursued throughout the coming year.  The ability to do this in a timely, efficient and correct manner requires strong, strategic financial leadership.

CFO Strategic Partners has had the privilege of working with many nonprofits, charities and government agencies over the past 20 years.  We have a proven track record of providing the expertise needed to improve the overall success of the nonprofit organizations we service, which in turn increases the effectiveness of the important programs provided to our community.

Some of the important services we provide include:

  • Financial Health Development.  We know nonprofit organizations are unique in that they serve the community all year long but some may receive funding only at specific intervals, such as the holidays.  Our experienced CFOs work with board members to ensure the proper financial strategy is in place for utilizing the organization’s estimated funding, which also provides an added layer of confidence to the board.  Long term funding is properly budgeted by aligning accurate cash flow projections with a multi-year strategic financial plan to ensure the company’s short and long term goals are achieved.
  • Reporting.  Meticulous record keeping and reporting are essential in order to ensure maintenance of regulatory compliance, public funding and financial transparency to donors.  Our CFOs oversee and prepare financial packages for review by board members, as well as attend finance committee and board meetings to present financial records and engage in important fiscal discussions.
  • Funding Source Management.  Coordinating and sustaining funding from all available sources is crucial to the survival of nonprofits, and managing those multiple sources can be a challenge.  Our CFOs ensure the proper systems are in place to meet the specific requirements of donors, fundraisers and grants.  We protect the overall financial integrity of the organization by meticulously managing the accurate setup, use, tracking, reporting and compliance of all available funding sources.
  • Audit Assistance and Accounting Oversight. We realize how stressful an audit can be. Our trusted and experienced CFOs partner with the organization to work directly with auditors and oversee the entire audit process, allowing the client to stay focused on their mission. In addition, our CFOs provide valuable leadership for the organization’s entire accounting team to assure strong financial decisions are consistently being made.  Each CFO draws on the deep experience of our entire firm to assist nonprofit clients in setting strong policies and procedures which follow accounting best practices.

Since the conception of CFO Strategic Partners over 20 years ago, we have worked hard to enrich the lives of our clients, our community and our team.  We are passionate about giving back ourselves, and are particularly proud to serve our nonprofit clients, helping them to improve their ability to do good.

If your nonprofit organization’s impact throughout the year could be maximized with strong financial leadership, please call CFO Strategic Partners at 407-426-8288, or email me at   We are ready to help you strengthen your financial position so you can continue to strengthen our community.

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