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Ongoing Strategic Planning in 2017

Uncategorized | February 9, 2017

In 2017, it’s hard to know what challenges you’ll be facing next week, much less the rest of the New Year. That’s why a dynamic financial strategy underscores the importance of an ongoing strategic plan, allowing businesses to be more agile and effective in meeting their specific goals than a static process. Traditionally, strategic planning takes place once a year and attempts to set a business strategy for an extended period. Of course, a volatile business environment means it’s extremely unlikely that a plan that is only updated annually is sufficient to guide every strategic decision that CEOs and other managers will need to make over the next twelve months.

Group of business people having meeting in a board room in an office. Creative team sitting at the table discussing new strategy of their company.

An outsourced CFO or an Orlando financial consultant can be a valuable resource for small and medium-sized businesses that need to develop dynamic financial strategies. These growing businesses may not be able to afford, or may not require, the services of a full-time CFO, but they still need the forward-thinking financial and strategic expertise that a CFO provides. A part-time CFO offers businesses cost-effective access to his or her financial expertise, experience with different business models, and background in executing strategies on an ongoing basis. That allows you to create and update a coherent financial roadmap that evolves along with your business, providing a framework for success.

An outsourced CFO offers you a strategic business asset to help you address both basic functional processes as well as offering a longer-term vision for your company’s future. An outside CFO resource can provide an unbiased perspective to help you develop business strategy, communicate that to stakeholders, and execute the plan, while regularly updating your strategy based on current performance and market conditions.

Our senior leadership and financial consultants consistently facilitate Vision Quests to help our clients establish a roadmap to realize their long-term objectives to move the business forward. Contact us to set up a free initial consultation, and find out how we can help you guide your business.


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