2022 Financial Planning
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Three ways CFO Strategic Partners can improve your finances in 2022

Business | Survey | January 11, 2022

As we turn the page to a new year, it can be easy to sweep issues from the previous year under the rug and focus on the fresh start. However, if there were troubles in your organization last year, chances are they’ll carry over into 2022 if not addressed head on. Were your end-of-year finances not where you wanted them to be? What are you doing about it?

We’ve just entered the third year of the pandemic and the challenges it has caused are far from being resolved. Struggles to attract and retain qualified employees and supply-chain issues are just the tip of the iceberg. Now is the time to take action and ask for help.

At CFO Strategic Partners, our experienced team of outsourced CFOs have the skills and resources needed to help your organization achieve its financial goals and reach its full potential. Here are just three of the ways we can help improve your finances now.

Budgeting and cash flow projections

The one constant the pandemic has brought is uncertainty. From large spikes to variants to government mandates, you must be prepared to expect the unexpected. Never has budgeting, forecasting and managing cash flow been more critical – especially now that federal relief like the Paycheck Protection Program has expired.

Our experienced CFOs can assess your organizations’ finances and establish a budget that fits your needs. They’ll monitor the cash flow to ensure your business maintains stability, regardless of hurdles the pandemic brings.

Talent acquisition and retention

2021 saw the rise of the Great Resignation. This is an ongoing trend of employees voluntarily leaving their jobs in search of more money, flexibility and satisfaction. Employers are struggling to find, attract and retain qualified talent. In order for operations to run smoothly and your organization to maximize profit margins, you need skilled employees on your side.

CFO Strategic Partners has helped a multitude of clients overcome turnover at the executive level. We can be involved in every step of the way from hiring and training to promoting retention by creating bonus and incentive plans that align with the organization’s goals.  Additionally, we offer interim CFO services, which will allow you to continue business as usual while we help find a long-term solution.

Strategic goals

Covid has changed many business owners’ future plans for their companies. There are a lot of acquisition opportunities in the market right now. Some of our clients are currently entertaining offers and some are strategically buying – either way, many are look at their business differently and reworking their strategic goals and exit strategies.

Over the course of more than two decades, CFO Strategic Partners has helped thousands of clients of all sizes throughout every industry establish strategic finance plans and accomplish their goals. We have the know-how and power to help your organization do the same.

Do you want to start 2022 off on the right foot? Our team of on-demand CFOs can provide the information and support you need to get your finances where you want them. Email us at shannon@cfosp.com or fill out the request for information form here.

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