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Turnover does not have to mean turmoil

Uncategorized | February 16, 2021

CFO Strategic Partners provides valuable combination of short-term CFOs and executive search to keep your organization humming

Turnover at the chief financial officer level can be disruptive and challenging to an organization. There’s risk the integrity of the financial systems will be compromised, critical deadlines will be missed, and the accounting and finance teams will lack needed oversight and leadership.

CFO Strategic Partners was founded over 21 years ago to fill the gap that exists in organizations at the CFO level. We have experience to step into organizations and fill needed CFO roles with a top-level finance executive for a short time. We also assist with the search of a permanent CFO.

When your finance situation looks overwhelming due to a sudden employee departure, we pride ourselves on helping. We know our role is short term, but we help you keep your eye on key metrics and profits. Most importantly, we provide stability.

Our combination of experienced financial guidance, first-rate executive search and tested procedures

 for a smooth transition when the new CFO is onboard ensures your organization won’t miss a step.

We view these times of turnover as an opportunity to assess the organization and help create an accounting and finance department that represents the future of the organization. In this way, we add value to our clients.

Initially, we learn what is needed to perform the functions of the position during this interim period. In addition, we make recommendations on ways to improve processes and create efficiencies within the department by drawing from our years of experience.

We work with you to develop a recruiting plan that, because of our background in hiring qualified CFOs over the years, brings significant value to your recruiting process.

We do all of this while performing the role of your CFO for as long (or short) as needed to help hire and onboard your new CFO. Our partnership provides clients the ability to scale up our services when the project demands it and then scale back down, allowing for efficient management of their resources.

Do you need help finding a qualified financial executive? Email us at or fill out the request for information form here to learn more about our executive and transition services.

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