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10 Things CEOs Say

Uncategorized | April 7, 2017

Over 18 years in business and thousands of clients.  You can imagine we have seen a lot, met some pretty fascinating folks, and partnered with some of the most brilliant entrepreneurs and innovators in business.

However, no matter the complexity of the business model or the evolving climate of a particular industry, CEO’s have common themes among the challenges they face. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 issues we hear when our clients call:

1) “My sales are growing but where is my cash?” Capture

2) “I get a stack of papers from my accounting department that doesn’t tell me anything.”

3) “I am embarrassed to admit, I don’t understand the numbers of my business.”

4) “I don’t have time to be strategic or futuristic. I am lost in the details (and fires) of today.”

5) “I worry about surprises and roadblocks ahead that I am not equipped to see today.”

6) “We are growing so fast, I know we are leaving money on the table.”

7) “I know___________, I do not know accounting.”

8) “I need to focus on growing my business, not managing my accounting team.”

9) “She’s been here for 8 years, I trusted her and would’ve never seen this fraud coming.”

10) “I need timely, accurate and meaningful financial reports that help me make sound decisions for my company”

At CFO Strategic Partners, we know how to address the root cause of the problem, not just the symptom. We focus on the critical needs of the finance and accounting department, so our CEO’s can focus on growing their businesses.  Do any of any of these sound familiar to you?

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