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How to Effectively Motivate the Millennial Sales Team – You’re Doing it Wrong

Uncategorized | March 17, 2017

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What makes today’s sales team tick? How are you motivating the next generation of sales superstars? Unfortunately, you are probably not it wrong.


Motivating and encouraging a sales team can seem pretty black and white, right? Commission and closing the deal, right? Well, maybe. But, to sustain that high performing department today, we need to dig deeper.


To nurture a consistent sales engine reliant on your company’s human capital, we have to examine the dynamics of the individual. Numerous studies have shown that salespeople (and the most effective leaders for that matter) have a higher than average EI or Emotional Intelligence. In 2015, the Harvard Business Review analyzed this notion of Dismantling the Sales Machine allowing creative sales professionals with high EI to use disruptive insights based on the individual judgments.


You see, it’s not always about incentive bonuses and monetary rewards.  At the core of the high performing millennial sales team, lies more than just financial stability or the occasional gold star. They want to be empowered.


The luxury lifestyle and financial achievements are simply a symptom of sales success. What intrinsically drives your millennial rock-star performers is personal fulfillment and the opportunity to be part of a brand where they have a voice.


They fundamentally want to lift up an organization, add value, and inspire others. Millennials do not wait until midlife crises or tragic event to seek out purpose. They want to impact change now, add value to their communities, and represent a brand that aligns with their core values.


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  •    Leslie Heimer, EVP

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