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Software Conversion? Don’t Try This At Home.

Uncategorized | March 9, 2017

Let’s face it, there is no good time to change accounting software, right?  The process can seem overwhelming and there are so many options on the market today… it is difficult to know even where to start.

Typically, we see one of two things:

  1. Companies aren’t fully leveraging the capabilities of their current accounting software. We akin this to owning a Ferrari and driving it 5MPH.


  1. The business has outgrown the accounting software and management is not getting the reports needed to proactively make decisions about the company. They know they need to update, but how do we select the right fit?

Top 5 challenges easily solved with software upgrades:frustrated-accountant-hiring-small-business


  1. We are exporting software data to excel to manipulate the data and run reports
  2. No meaningful reports are available to help me make proactive decisions
  3. Intercompany transfers can eat up an entire day for my staff
  4. Manual processes leave so much room for error
  5. Pricing out jobs is impossible with no inventory tracking or project schedule


Sound Familiar?

Get it right out of the gate.

By ensuring the business rules and systems architecture is well aligned to the company’s unique workflows from the beginning saves countless man-hours and wasted dollars down the road.  Establishing chart of accounts, processes, and reporting functionality that is meaningful to your business today and in the future.  The cost to fix or rebuild your historical data is too great to not make the investment up front.


Software conversions also require reconfiguration of accounting procedures and workflow assignments. By engineering the processes to leverage technology, our goal is to lower overhead expenses by finding cost savings in manpower and duplicate processes.


The risk is too great

Our CFOs are skilled accounting software resources having completed numerous conversions across complex organizations from $5 to $75 million in annual revenue.  We understand the options and not incentivized to purchase bolt-on applications that are not necessary as a third party software company may be. Furthermore, we know accounting. We are experts in segregation of duties, internal controls and the cyber permissions that should be established to help protect the company from internal fraud or cyber security threats.


We are a value-add CPA resource protecting your financial and accounting interest. Have your software guys contact us – we’ll take it from here!

Get on the path to long-term financial success

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